Undergraduate Research Credit Form 

This form is for students who currently have a research advisor and would like to earn credit toward PHY 492, 493, 495 or PHY 499. 
PHY 492 Honors Directed Study - For students starting their senior thesis for Barrett.

PHY 493 Honors Thesis - For students completing their senior thesis for Barrett. 

PHY 495 Project Research - For students who are obtaining a bachelors in physics or biophysics and conducting research with a professor within the Department of Physics.

PHY 499 Individualized Instruction - Geared toward students who would like a curriculum tailored to their interests. Students who take PHY 499 may be assigned topic specific readings or relevant program applications. 
Please be sure you have completed the following steps before submitting the Undergraduate Research Reporting form:
  1. Secure a faculty advisor that will assign or oversee research projects (PHY 492, 493, 495) or independent study (PHY 499) 
  2. Discuss with your faculty advisor how many hours you will be working each week. The credit requirements listed below are based on a Fall/Spring 15 week semester. 
    • 1 credit = 4 hours/week 
    • 2 credits = 8 hours/week 
    • 3 credits = 12 hours/week 
  3. With your faculty advisor create learning goals and end project expectations.
  4. Complete the Undergraduate Research Course Form
First and Last Name
Credits - Please discuss the number of credits with your faculty advisor. Keep in mind the following requirements: 1 credit = 4 hours/week 2 credits = 8 hours/week 3 credits = 12 hours/week
Faculty Advisor
Research/Learning Goals - Please provide the specific research/learning goals you have discussed with your faculty advisor.
Techniques/Tools Used - Please list any program applications or tools you will utilize in performing your research/independent study.