Humanities Lab: Beyond the Lab Proposal

Humanities Lab: Beyond the Lab Application with opportunity to apply for a Beyond the Lab Fellowship!
Thank you for your interest in applying for the Humanities Lab Beyond the Lab Program -- with an additional opportunity to apply (through this application) for a Fellowship offered from the Humanities Lab at Arizona State University! 
About Beyond the Lab 
The Beyond the Lab program is an extension of the Humanities Lab, and more specifically faculty-student team collaborations. It is an opportunity to work beyond the semester's end to further develop and refine outcomes created in the original Lab for greater impact into the communities they serve.  
About Beyond the Lab Fellowships 
As Humanities Lab students you have the opportunity to apply for Beyond the Lab fellowships up to $5,000 to expand your team's impact outcome and reach through organizing public events or art projects, producing podcasts and videos, and more.  
To apply for the Beyond the Lab program and the fellowship grant (if you choose), work with your team (teams must consist of two or more people) to answer a series of short questions about what your outcome is, what you would do with an additional semester, what you would use funding for (should you apply), and how it will serve the larger community.  
The below criteria is looked at specifically for the fellowship opportunities: 
  • Identify the problem: Identify a complex problem that intersects with health, environmental, and social issues. 
  • Present your outcome: Describe how you are addressing the problem through an interdisciplinary collaboration that is based in the arts or humanities. 
  • Justify your funding: Provide a brief narrative that explains what you are requesting funding for and how it will amplify your outcome's impact. Provide a plan: Identify the concrete tasks you'll need to accomplish to make your project a success. 

More information
If you have any questions about the application process or would like to discuss your proposal before submitting, please reach out to Communications Specialist Maureen Kobierowski at Maureen.Kobierowski@asu.edu.

We look forward to hearing about your work!
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