Journalistic Objectivity in Today's Newsrooms

Researchers at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication are gathering journalists' perceptions of the concept of "objectivity" and how it is viewed in today's newsrooms.

Journalists' thoughts and experiences will aid in the development of resources for news organizations, including a report and workshops.

All questions are optional. At the end of this questionnaire, journalists are asked to decide whether their responses are for attribution. Researchers may follow up with respondents for more insight.

Some of the questions refer to a journalist's current newsroom. Freelancers are encouraged to adapt those questions to their experiences. Similarly, experiences in former newsrooms may be relevant; don't hesitate to share those but please indicate if the experience occurred somewhere other than your current newsroom.

The Stanton Foundation is funding this research. Questions about this research can be directed to Andrew Heyward at
Your Views and Experiences
Please rate your agreement with the following statements:
Strongly disagree
Neither agree nor disagree
Strongly agree
I value objectivity in news.
My newsroom values objectivity.
My newsroom's audience values objectivity.
U.S. news consumers value objectivity.
Complete the sentence: "In my newsroom, objectivity is ... "
Do you agree with the following statement?

"Trust in journalism is dependent upon objectivity."
Explain why you chose "yes" or "no."
Describe a time when the concept of "objectivity" (e.g., a perceived lack of objectivity) was a point of contention in your newsroom. What was the result?
How do your personal characteristics and life experiences shape your view of objectivity?
Do you feel as though you have ever been assigned to a story — or taken off a story — because of your views on an issue, your experience of a news subject, or an aspect of your identity? Please explain. Even if this has never happened to you, what do you think your newsroom’s policy should be?
How do you think audience feedback, including feedback on social media, influences your newsroom’s coverage?
In your view, what are the three most important values your newsroom should follow?
How do you think those values will change over the next five years? How would you like to see them change?
How would you change your newsroom's current approach to objectivity?
Is there anything else you would like to share with the research team?
Demographic Questions
Race and/or Ethnicity
Gender Identity
Sexual Orientation
Are there any other personal identity characteristics you want the researchers to know about (e.g., national origin, citizenship, political affiliation, religious affiliation, disability, socioeconomic status, veteran status)?
Attribution and Contact Information
Are your statements in response to this survey for attribution?
Contact Information
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