Eligibility Screening Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in my research study. I am following up to conduct a brief screening to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements for participating. There are just a few questions; it should only take about 10 minutes.  

My name is Jennifer, and I am a doctoral candidate at Northern Arizona University; I also work as a faculty member at Arizona State University. The research I am doing is part of a dissertation necessary to complete my degree at NAU. My study aims to understand how autistic college students create and experience academic and social support networks during their first year as an undergraduate.

If you are selected and agree to participate, I will ask you to respond to a detailed questionnaire (approximately 30-60 minutes) or participate in a virtual Zoom interview lasting about 60 minutes. A Zoom interview is preferred if at all possible. You can choose to have your camera on or off, and interviews will be recorded and transcribed.
If you have any questions about the study, please email me at jrm977@nau.edu or call/text me at 480-389-4536.

These questions aim to determine whether you are eligible to participate in the study. If you consent, This consent is only to determine if you are eligible and does not mean that you consent to participate in my study. If you are not eligible or decide not to participate in the study, I will discard your responses to the screening questions and will not use them as part of the study.

This study is approved by the Northern Arizona University IRB #1934872.
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